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Implementation, accountability and support can propel you forward more efficiently than going it alone. Health coaches at Melbourne Functional Medicine are experts in acting on health data, habit strategy and change, meaning you’re able to be both effective and efficient.

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Coaching is an expansion to your healthcare team that ensures meaningful change.

Working with your health coach can look like:

  • Finding your most motivating goal

  • Harnessing your ‘why’

  • Insightful observations

  • Strategic change

  • Resources

  • Health education

  • Nutrition support

  • Identification of barriers

  • Harnessing your strengths

  • Non-judgemental accountability

  • Mitigating sabotaging thoughts or behaviours

  • and a good dose of encouragement along the way!

Making the changes needed to be optimal can be easier said than done, which is why our practitioners recommend working with a health coach to help implement your health strategy.

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