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Discover your true age with this state of the art biological age test. Find out your biological age, pace of ageing, telomere length, epigenetic biological age, and how your diet and lifestyle impacts your real age.


Introducing the TruAge biological age test

Curious to know your real age and get insights on how your diet and lifestyle are impacting it? We proudly offer access to the groundbreaking TruDiagnostics TruAge biological age test, the best biological age test in Australia, a way to understand your health like never before.

While chronological age is fixed, biological age is shaped by your factors like your diet, exercise, rest, and stress management, and reflects the true effects of your lifestyle choices. TruAge offers a detailed assessment of your biological age, telomere length, and your pace of ageing, to help you actively manage your wellbeing.

The science behind TruAge test

TruDiagnostic, the pioneering force behind the TruAge biological age test, delves deep into your DNA’s methylation patterns. These patterns are then subjected to advanced algorithms fueled by machine learning and decades of research.

TruAge doesn’t just stop at revealing your biological age. It provides a comprehensive ecosystem of insights from a single blood spot test. Your TruAge Complete reports include:


Published in 2023 with Harvard, your OMICm Age is the most accurate measure of biological age to date. Your OMICm Age also provides insight into WHY you’re ageing, through the multiome. This helps determine what actions will be effective in reversing your biological ageing.

Pace of ageing

An algorithm developed over five decades of longitudinal research, the DunedinPACE biological clock provides insights into your current rate of ageing, providing unmatched accuracy against other biological age clocks. This gives you the ability to measure the effect of your recent health efforts.

Telomere length

Telomere length is an indicator of the ageing process and a wide variety of diseases. TruAge estimates telomere length through DNA methylation patterns to enhance the precision of your biological age calculation, and improve predictions of disease risk.

Epigenetic biological age

Your epigenetic biological age is primarily determined by DNA methylation, a reliable biomarker for health and prediction of disease risk. Your intrinsic biological age is independent of age-related changes associated with immune ageing, whereas extrinsic age calculates age acceleration associated with your immune system.

Easy to complete

Results in 5-6 weeks

Expert interpretation*


Browse our FAQs by category below.

What happens after I order the TruAge test?

Your TruAge biological age test kit will be sent to your location of preference. Once you’ve submitted your test and your results are back, our health concierge will be in touch to book your 45 minute interpretation session with one of our functional medicine practitioners.

This specialised test requires an interpretation session with a qualified practitioner, as the test data can only be accessed and accurately interpreted by a trained professional. To ensure you receive the most accurate and useful information from your test results, a professional interpretation session is essential.

The cost for the interpretation session is $298, which is to be paid at the time of booking the session. This fee covers the practitioner’s expertise and time in helping you understand and make the best use of your test results.

Note that the TruDiagnostics lab is in the US, so test results can take up to six weeks to come back.

Can I do the TruAge test at home?

Yes, the TruAge test kit includes everything required to easily perform the test at home. It’s a quick and straightforward blood spot test that takes less than a few minutes to complete. Simply place your sample in the provided postage-paid return envelope and send it off to the lab. Detailed instructions are included with your kit to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

How long do TruAge test results take to come back?

Results are usually back within six weeks of the lab receiving the test sample. We’ll notify you when your results are back.

How does the TruAge test work?

Your biological age is the age of your body, primarily determined by DNA methylation – which regulates gene expression by turning genes on or off. This epigenetic mechanism influences whether certain genes promote health or disease. DNA methylation is a strong biomarker for assessing biological age, health and prediction of disease risk.

The TruAge biological age test takes the blood sample you’ve provided, and extracts the DNA. It then assesses over 900,000 methylation sites in your DNA to determine what genes are being methylated. Certain patterns of methylation are strongly correlated with age. Your methylation pattern will be assessed against established ageing models and research datasets to determine your biological age.

The test also uses the DunedinPACE clock, which will then calculate your pace of ageing by evaluating how quickly your biological functions are changing relative to the general population. This offers a more dynamic perspective on your ageing process, helping to predict health trajectories and potential interventions.

Can I retest my biological age?

Yes! We often suggest retesting in 3-6 months to assess whether the interventions you’ve implemented have shifted your biological age and pace of ageing in a favourable direction. Rather than order the TruAge Complete test, you can order the TruAge PACE test.

What happens at the interpretation session?

Your practitioner will interpret the TruAge test results in a way that is clear and informative. There’s a wealth of data in the TruAge test, so your practitioner will use their knowledge and skills to interpret the results in a meaningful way.

If you’d like further support in the way of a health optimisation plan, and ongoing support, the next step would be to book a kickstart session to start your partnership with us. In the kickstart session, you’ll discuss your current health picture and health goals with your practitioner, to work out the next best steps to get you to your health goals.

Why is an appointment needed to review my results?

The TruAge biological age test is only accessible through qualified practitioners who can interpret the wealth of data in the test. Taking the time to have a discussion with your practitioner around your results makes the investment you spent to gather the data pay off. This is because test data, your goals and health presentation need to be reviewed in conjunction with one another. Results on their own often tell just one page of your story.

Results in relation to other data points combine to create a chapter or even the full story. Once you have your health story, you might like to know “so what next?”. That’s what you get to discuss in a results interpretation session.

All current and prior test reports and biomarkers will have been reviewed in advance by your functional medicine practitioner, so your interpretation session will be time dedicated to take you through the learnings, educate you on the inner workings of these core bodily systems as well as the opportunities you have to move your epigenetics in the direction of health.

You’ll get to ask as many questions as you like.

What other health optimisation services do you offer?

We have a team of health experts to help you be in the best health of your life, now and in the future. Work with our functional medicine practitioners to create a health optimisation plan and get access to world class lab tests and interpretation of them, and support from our health coaches to help you achieve your health goals. Our world class healthcare team will provide you the support, guidance and tools you need to live your best life now.

To continue working with us after your interpretation session, the first step is a kickstart session to understand your unique health picture and health goals that will guide the work you do with us. From recommendations on further testing options such as genetics, hormones, and various metabolic markers, to high quality supplements and biohacking protocols, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Why choose Melbourne Functional Medicine as my health optimisation partner?

Our award-winning clinic has been empowering our clients to achieve their best health since 2017. We’ve been leading the way in healthcare in Australia by providing innovative, world-class care to people all over the world who want to feel their best and improve their healthspan.

With access to the latest technologies, skills and knowledge in the health optimisation space, our team of functional medicine practitioners and health coaches can offer unparalleled guidance and support to meet your ambitious health goals. Our practitioners will craft a personalised plan tailored to your needs, while our health coaches will guide and support you in effectively implementing the plan to achieve optimal results.

Where can I get a biological age test?

You can access a biological age test through our clinic. Simply order your test and interpretation session by clicking the ‘order now’ button above and following the steps to confirm your order, then we’ll contact the lab to organise delivery of the test to your doorstep. Once your results are in, our health concierge will contact you to arrange an interpretation session.

Can this test tell me my chronological age?

No, this test cannot determine your chronological age or the exact day you were born. Instead, it measures your biological age, which reflects how well your body is functioning compared to your chronological age, which you will provide upon ordering the test.

How much does it cost to do a biological age test in Australia?

The TruDiagnostics TruAge Complete test is $850, which is the comprehensive assessment of biological age – the first test to perform to understand your biological age.

The TruAge PACE test is $480, which is a focused analysis of your page of ageing. We recommend the TruAge PACE test to those who have completed the TruAge Complete, to test the implementation of any interventions to reduce your pace of ageing.

The interpretation session fee for these tests is $298, where a qualified functional medicine practitioner will guide you through your TruAge reports, translating complex data into actionable insights that make sense for your health goals.

Prices are valid as of April 2024, and are subject to change.

What factors contribute to the price of this test?

There are many biological age tests on the market and vary from very cheap to very premium. We choose TruDiagnosic tests as they use the best methodology, algorithm and tissue sample, being blood.

The cheapest tests on the market use old methodology, narrow methodology, or saliva. Blood is most accurate, because its unique signature provides more accurate results than other tissues. It has control features like cell deconvolution methods which allows the lab to know what cell types are present, at what percentage, so they can make sure what tissue type can be controlled for. Also, most researchers work with blood, making it a standard for analysis. It ensures compatibility with new algorithms being developed as their data is consistently generated in blood.

Another reason is that blood is more stable than saliva DNA, as behaviours like smoking can have a drastic impact on saliva DNA methylation, while blood remains more reliable for epigenetic analysis. If you’re keen to compare and ensure you’re getting the best use of your money, have a look at this open letter to the scientific community, longevity clinicians, and informed consumers.

What are the clinic hours?

Our clinic hours are:

9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Thursday

However, you can reach us outside of those hours via phone or email.

Where is your clinic located?

Our clinic is located at 186 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. We serve people from Melbourne, across Australia and the globe either in person or via telehealth.

If you’re outside of Australia, please enquire with us to see if the TruAge test is accessible in your location.

Shipment of TruAge biological age test kit

Your TruAge biological age test kit will be sent to your specified location of preference. Please ensure the address provided is accurate and up-to-date to avoid any delays or issues with delivery.

Test submission and result processing

After you have completed and submitted your test, the lab will process your results in 4-6 weeks. Once your results are ready, our health concierge will contact you to arrange your interpretation session.

Required interpretation session

This specialised test requires a 45-minute interpretation session with a qualified functional medicine practitioner. The test data can only be accessed and accurately interpreted by a trained professional. This session is essential to ensure you receive the most accurate and useful information from your test results.

Cost and payment for interpretation session

The cost for the interpretation session is $298. This fee is to be paid at the time of booking the session. The fee covers the practitioner’s expertise and time in helping you understand and make the best use of your test results.

Payment is required to confirm your booking. If payment is not received at the time of booking, your session will not be scheduled.

Refund policy

In the event that the test kit is lost or damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

The cost of the interpretation session is non-refundable once the booking has been confirmed and payment has been processed.


By purchasing the TruAge biological age test kit, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our team on 1300 614 814 before completing your purchase.

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