Blood markers linked to living longer

Sep 27, 2023

Unique blood biomarkers in centenarians hint at possible longevity predictors, offering insights into the biological factors that contribute to living to 100 years compared to those who do not reach this age.

September 2023 – GeroScience


Key takeaways


  • Distinct biomarker profiles: Centenarians exhibit unique patterns in their blood tests, suggesting that certain physiological characteristics are associated with extreme longevity
  • Predictive indicators: The presence of these biomarkers in individuals may help forecast their potential to live to an advanced age, providing a tool for early identification of long-lived individuals
  • Biological ageing insights: Analysing these biomarker differences enhances our understanding of the ageing process, potentially uncovering mechanisms that could be targeted to extend healthy lifespan


Read the article at: Murata, S., Ebeling, M., Meyer, A.C. et al. Blood biomarker profiles and exceptional longevity: comparison of centenarians and non-centenarians in a 35-year follow-up of the Swedish AMORIS cohort. GeroScience (2023).