Can sirtfoods help you live longer?

Nov 27, 2023

Sirtfoods, foods that modulate sirtuins, enzymes linked to ageing and metabolic processes, may have health benefits. Substances like resveratrol and quercetin in these foods can impact autophagy, apoptosis, and energy homeostasis, potentially helping with obesity and age-related diseases.

September 2022 – Foods


Key takeaways


  • SIRT activation for health benefits: Sirtuins (SIRTs) play a crucial role in ameliorating obesity and age-related metabolic diseases, with natural Sirtfood ingredients like resveratrol, piceatannol, anthocyanidin, and quinine potentially modulating these enzymes​​
  • Protection against oxidative stress: SIRT1 and SIRT3 activation are involved in mitohormesis, a process that helps regulate mitochondrial activities, combat oxidative stresses, and protect against DNA damage, protein, fatty acids, and lipid oxidations​​
  • Regulation of apoptosis: SIRT activation can regulate apoptosis, a critical process for maintaining cell balance and preventing abnormal cell growth. This regulation is vital in addressing conditions like hepatotoxicity and cancer, and SIRT3 specifically has been shown to suppress tumour cells via ROS repression and DNA protection​​
  • Promotion of autophagy and lifespan enhancement: SIRTs are integral to autophagy, a process essential for degrading defective organelles, ageing cells, pathogens, and proteins. Autophagy is significant for enhancing lifespan, with SIRT1, SIRT2, and SIRT3 playing notable roles in its regulation​​


Read the article at: Akan, Otobong Donald et al. “Sirtfoods: New Concept Foods, Functions, and Mechanisms.” Foods (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 11,19 2955. 21 Sep. 2022, doi:10.3390/foods11192955