Cell therapy’s impact on heart health

Jan 11, 2024

Cell therapy significantly improves the quality of life in patients with ischemic heart failure. This is particularly evident in those with advanced left ventricular enlargement, as measured by the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire. The therapy shows promise for enhancing life quality in heart failure patients.

November 2023 – Stem Cells Translational Medicine


Key takeaways


  • Significant improvement in quality of life: The therapy demonstrated a substantial enhancement in the overall well-being and daily functioning of heart failure patients. This improvement was particularly pronounced in those with advanced left ventricular enlargement, a condition where the heart’s main pumping chamber is dilated and weakened. Patients reported better management of symptoms and an increased ability to engage in daily activities, contributing to a more fulfilling and active life despite their heart condition
  • Reduction in death and hospitalisation: The study revealed that cell therapy not only improves quality of life but also has a tangible impact on reducing mortality and the need for hospitalisation. This suggests that the therapy could contribute to longer life expectancy for heart failure patients. It represents a potential breakthrough in managing a chronic condition that often leads to frequent hospital visits and a higher risk of death
  • Advancement in heart failure treatment: This study marks a significant advancement in the field of heart failure treatment. By demonstrating the effectiveness of cell therapy as an adjunct to conventional treatments, it opens new avenues for managing a condition traditionally treated with medication and lifestyle changes. This could lead to more comprehensive and effective treatment protocols for heart failure, potentially changing the standard of care in the future


The effectiveness of cell therapy in patients with specific characteristics of heart failure, such as left ventricular enlargement, underscores the potential of personalised medicine in treating ageing-related conditions. It suggests that therapies can be tailored to individual patient profiles, leading to more effective and efficient treatments. This approach could revolutionise the management of various age-related diseases, offering hope for more targeted and successful interventions.


Read the article at: Yamada, Satsuki, et al. “Cell Therapy Improves Quality-of-Life in Heart Failure: Outcomes From a Phase III Clinical Trial.” Stem Cells Translational Medicine, advance access published 24 Nov. 2023, pp. 1–9,