Enhancing brain health through HMB

Aug 5, 2023

HMB, a muscle-building supplement, binds to PPARα, enhancing hippocampal functions and reducing Alzheimer’s disease plaques in mice. This interaction highlights HMB’s potential as a neuroprotective agent, opening avenues for its use in combating cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease beyond its traditional application in muscle building.

July 2023 – Cell Reports


Key takeaways


  • Muscle-building supplement with neuroprotective effects: HMB, traditionally used to enhance muscle growth and strength, has demonstrated promising neuroprotective properties, potentially expanding its application to brain health and cognitive function
  • Enhancing hippocampal functions through PPARα: By binding to PPARα, a receptor playing a crucial role in fat metabolism, HMB positively influences hippocampal functions. The hippocampus is a vital brain region associated with memory and learning, and its well-being is crucial for cognitive longevity
  • Improvement in cognitive functions: The interaction between HMB and PPARα leads to enhanced cognitive functions. This is particularly significant for ageing populations, as maintaining cognitive abilities is a key aspect of healthy ageing


Read the article at: Paidi, Ramesh K., et al. “Muscle-building supplement β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate binds to PPARα to improve hippocampal functions in mice,” Cell Reports, vol. 42, no. 7, 2023, 112717,