Exploring rapamycin for longer healthspan

Aug 23, 2023

Off-label use of rapamycin in 333 adults showed potential in delaying age-related decline, indicating its promise for enhancing healthspan and longevity.

May 2023 – Gero Science


Key takeaways


  • Rapamycin’s role in delaying age-related decline: The use of rapamycin has shown promising results in slowing down the processes associated with ageing. This indicates its potential as a therapeutic agent to extend the period of life spent in good health, known as healthspan
  • Potential for enhancing longevity and mitigating ageing effects: Preliminary findings suggest that rapamycin could be effective in not only prolonging life but also in reducing the impact of age-related diseases and conditions, offering a dual benefit in the realm of longevity and healthy ageing
  • Necessity for further research: While the initial results are encouraging, there is a need for more comprehensive studies to fully understand how rapamycin works in the context of ageing. This includes determining the optimal dosages, understanding long-term effects, and identifying any potential risks or side effects


Read the article at: Kraig, Elizabeth, et al. “Evaluation of Off-Label Rapamycin Use to Promote Healthspan in 333 Adults.GeroScience, vol. 45, no. 1, 2023, pp. 1-13. SpringerLink, doi:10.1007/s11357-023-00818-1.