Fighting brain ageing with senolytic therapy

Nov 15, 2023

Senolytic therapy effectively reduces brain ageing and COVID-19 neuropathology by targeting and eliminating senescent cells, offering potential benefits for combating ageing-related cognitive decline.

November 2023 – Nature Aging


Key takeaways


  • Senolytic therapy and brain ageing: Senolytic therapy, which targets and eliminates senescent cells, has been found to significantly alleviate the effects of brain ageing. This suggests its potential as a treatment to maintain brain health and function in older individuals
  • Reduction of inflammation: The therapy not only targets ageing cells but also reduces inflammation in the brain. Chronic inflammation is a key contributor to age-related cognitive decline, so this anti-inflammatory effect is particularly beneficial for ageing populations
  • Combating COVID-19 neuropathology: The therapy has shown effectiveness in addressing neuropathological changes induced by COVID-19. This is crucial, as COVID-19 has been linked to accelerated brain ageing and cognitive issues, indicating the therapy’s potential in post-COVID-19 care and recovery


By targeting the cellular aspects of brain ageing, senolytic therapy opens up new possibilities for preserving cognitive function in the elderly.


Read the article at: Aguado, J., Amarilla, A.A., Taherian Fard, A. et al. Senolytic therapy alleviates physiological human brain aging and COVID-19 neuropathology. Nat Aging (2023).