How FOXO3 influences vascular ageing

Dec 8, 2023

FOXO3, a gene associated with exceptional human longevity, plays a critical role in regulating vascular ageing and is implicated in various ageing-related vascular diseases. Polymorphisms in FOXO3 are linked to reduced cardiovascular disease morbidity in long-lived individuals. The gene is essential for maintaining vascular homeostasis, especially under stress, indicating its potential as a therapeutic target for delaying vascular ageing and enhancing longevity.

December 2021 – Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine


Key takeaways


  • FOXO3 gene and longevity: The FOXO3 gene is a significant factor in human longevity. Research shows that certain genetic variations in FOXO3 are common in individuals who live exceptionally long lives. These specific polymorphisms are linked not only to increased lifespan but also to better overall health in later years, particularly in terms of cardiovascular health
  • Regulation of vascular ageing: FOXO3 has a critical role in the ageing process of blood vessels. It helps regulate changes in the vascular system that occur with age, such as endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness. This regulation is key to understanding and potentially mitigating the progression of age-related vascular diseases
  • Genetic influence on cardiovascular health: The study highlights a strong correlation between FOXO3 gene variations and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases among the elderly. This suggests that the genetic makeup of an individual, particularly concerning the FOXO3 gene, can significantly influence their susceptibility to cardiovascular conditions as they age


The ability of FOXO3 to maintain vascular homeostasis, especially under various stress conditions, underscores its potential as a therapeutic target. By focusing on modulating the activity of FOXO3, it may be possible to develop treatments that delay the onset of vascular ageing, thereby contributing to enhanced longevity and better cardiovascular health in the elderly.


Read the article at: Zhao, Yan, and You-Shuo Liu. “Longevity Factor FOXO3: A Key Regulator in Aging-Related Vascular Diseases.” Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, vol. 8, 2021, Article 778674. Frontiers, doi:10.3389/fcvm.2021.778674.