Improving vision with fruit enzymes

Aug 13, 2023

Oral mixed fruit enzymes effectively treat ocular floaters, improving visual clarity and patient satisfaction, potentially enhancing eye health and quality of life in ageing populations.

November 2022 – Journal of Clinical Medicine


Key takeaways


  • Reduction of ocular floaters: The use of oral mixed fruit enzymes has been found to significantly reduce the presence of ocular floaters. This improvement in visual quality can be particularly beneficial for older adults, for whom floaters are a common issue
  • Dose-dependent effectiveness: The effectiveness of the treatment increases with higher doses of the enzymes. This suggests that a tailored approach to dosage could optimise treatment outcomes for individuals with varying degrees of vitreous opacities
  • Improved visual acuity in specific cases: For patients suffering from vitreous hemorrhage-induced floaters, the enzyme treatment notably improves corrected distance visual acuity. This indicates a potential for these enzymes to aid in more severe cases of visual disturbances related to ageing
  • High patient satisfaction with non-invasive treatment: The method of using oral enzymes is non-invasive and has been met with high patient satisfaction. This aspect is particularly appealing for ageing populations, offering a simple and comfortable alternative to more invasive treatments for maintaining eye health


Read the article at: Ma, Jui-Wen et al. “A New Pharmacological Vitreolysis through the Supplement of Mixed Fruit Enzymes for Patients with Ocular Floaters or Vitreous Hemorrhage-Induced Floaters.Journal of clinical medicine vol. 11,22 6710. 13 Nov. 2022, doi:10.3390/jcm11226710