New DNA clock measures mammalian ageing

Aug 13, 2023

A universal DNA methylation-based clock accurately estimates age across different mammalian tissues, aiding ageing research and the pursuit of longevity interventions.

August 2023 – Nature Aging


Key takeaways

  • Refined accuracy of universal DNA methylation clock: This clock leverages the epigenetic changes, specifically DNA methylation patterns, which are known to correlate with age. Its accuracy across different mammalian species and tissues suggests a conserved ageing mechanism at the molecular level, offering a robust tool for ageing research
  • Deeper insights into molecular mechanisms of ageing: The tool’s ability to measure biological age with precision allows for a more nuanced understanding of the molecular pathways involved in ageing. It helps in identifying key epigenetic markers that are consistent across species, shedding light on the fundamental biological processes that drive ageing
  • Enhanced comparative ageing studies: The clock’s cross-species applicability opens new avenues in comparative biology. Researchers can now systematically compare ageing processes in different species at a molecular level. This comparative approach is invaluable for understanding evolutionary adaptations in longevity and identifying species-specific resilience factors against ageing


Read the article at: Lu, A.T., Fei, Z., Haghani, A. et al. Universal DNA methylation age across mammalian tissues. Nat Aging 3, 1144–1166 (2023).