Optimising Alzheimer’s treatment with plaque clearance

Nov 30, 2023

A recent article from ALZFORUM reports that complete removal of amyloid plaques, rather than mere reduction, is essential for clinical benefits in Alzheimer’s disease treatments. Early amyloid negativity is linked to slowed tangle buildup, emphasizing the importance of plaque clearance timing and extent. Amyloid immunotherapies show effectiveness in both APOE4 carriers and noncarriers, underscoring the ongoing efforts to refine these therapies for broader clinical application.

November 2023 – ALZFORUM


Key takeaways


  • Total amyloid plaque clearance: The full elimination of amyloid plaques, not just a reduction in their number, is essential for the clinical benefits of Alzheimer’s disease treatments. This complete clearance is linked to more significant therapeutic effects, underscoring its importance in slowing disease progression
  • Impact of early removal: Removing amyloid plaques early in the disease process is linked to a slower accumulation of neurofibrillary tangles, which are associated with cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s. This suggests that timely intervention is key to maximizing treatment effectiveness
  • Efficacy across genetic variations: Research indicates that treatments targeting amyloid plaques are equally effective for individuals with various genetic predispositions, including those who carry the APOE4 gene and those who do not. This highlights the potential for these treatments to benefit a broad range of patients with Alzheimer’s, regardless of their genetic makeup
  • Advances in treatment delivery: There is ongoing research to improve the delivery methods of anti-amyloid therapies. This includes optimising dosage and administration techniques to enhance drug efficacy, increase patient compliance, and reduce side effects, thus potentially making these treatments more accessible and effective for a wider patient population


Read the article at: Gotta Get Rid of It All: Total Plaque Clearance Key for Clinical Benefit. ALZFORUM, 24 Oct. 2023.