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Porcine plasma and longevity breakthrough

Aug 21, 2023

Injecting aged rats with a young porcine plasma fraction significantly reversed molecular ageing in multiple organs, halving the biological age of blood, heart, and liver tissues, and enhancing organ functionality, indicating promising rejuvenation therapy potential.

August 2023 – bioRxiv


Key takeaways


  • Profound reversal of ageing in organs: The young porcine plasma fraction administered to aged rats resulted in a significant reversal of biological ageing. This was evidenced by a reduction in the epigenetic age of critical organs such as the blood, heart, and liver, which is a strong indicator of cellular rejuvenation
  • Halving of epigenetic age: The treatment’s impact was quantitatively impressive, with more than a 50% reduction in the epigenetic age of treated tissues. This suggests that the ageing process can not only be slowed down but potentially reversed, at least at the molecular level
  • Enhanced organ functionality and cognition: Post-treatment, rats exhibited improved organ function, which was corroborated by various physiological and biochemical markers. Additionally, there were observable improvements in cognitive functions, implying that the treatment could have comprehensive benefits for overall health and brain function


The findings indicate that it’s possible to systemically induce rejuvenation, affecting multiple tissues simultaneously. This systemic approach to longevity is particularly promising as it suggests a unified method could be developed to combat ageing across various organs and functions.


Read the preprint we accessed to write this article at: Horvath, S., Singh, K., et al. “Reversal of Biological Age in Multiple Rat Organs by Young Porcine Plasma Fraction.bioRxiv, 6 Aug. 2023, doi:10.1101/2023.08.06.552148.

Read the published article at: Horvath, S., Singh, K., et al. Reversal of biological age in multiple rat organs by young porcine plasma fractionGeroScience (2023).