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Predicting health and disease with plasma proteomics

Dec 15, 2023

Blood plasma protein data, combined with machine learning models, offers a new method to assess organ-specific ageing differences. This approach lays the groundwork for predicting diseases and the effects of ageing through plasma proteomics. It underscores the complexity and individual variability of ageing across different organs, highlighting the need for personalised strategies in managing age-related health concerns.

December 2023 – Nature


Key takeaways


  • Organ-specific ageing patterns: The study reveals that each organ ages at its own unique pace and manner. This means that the heart, brain, liver, and other organs each have distinct ageing trajectories. Understanding these differences is crucial for developing targeted anti-ageing therapies and interventions that are specific to each organ, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Predictive power of plasma proteomics: By analysing proteins in blood plasma using machine learning, scientists can now more accurately assess the ageing status of different organs. This method provides a minimally invasive way to gauge biological ageing, offering a significant advancement over traditional methods that often require tissue samples. This could lead to more precise age-related health assessments and personalised wellness strategies
  • Link between organ ageing and diseases: The research indicates a strong correlation between the rate of ageing in specific organs and the likelihood of age-related diseases affecting those organs. For instance, faster ageing in the kidney might be linked to a higher risk of metabolic diseases. This insight can lead to earlier detection and more effective management of age-related diseases by monitoring the ageing patterns of the most affected organs
  • Personalised ageing interventions: The study highlights the considerable variation in ageing processes among individuals, emphasising the need for personalised medical approaches. This could involve tailored lifestyle recommendations, diet plans, and medical treatments that align with an individual’s unique ageing profile. Personalised interventions promise to be more effective in enhancing healthspan and longevity, as they cater to the specific ageing dynamics of each person


Read the article at: Oh, H.SH., et al. Organ aging signatures in the plasma proteome track health and disease. Nature 624, 164–172 (2023).