Rejuvenation with young vesicles

Aug 7, 2023

Young extracellular vesicles show promise in reversing age-related deterioration in elderly rats and human cellular models, hinting at innovative anti-ageing treatments.

July 2023 – Scientific Reports


Key takeaways


  • Young extracellular vesicles promote rejuvenation: The study suggests that extracellular vesicles derived from young organisms can rejuvenate older organisms, potentially leading to improved health and longevity
  • Improvement in cognitive functions: There is evidence that these young extracellular vesicles can enhance cognitive functions in aged individuals, which could have implications for age-related cognitive decline
  • Potential for tissue repair and regeneration: Young extracellular vesicles may have the ability to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration, offering a promising avenue for reversing age-related tissue degeneration
  • Influence on longevity-related biomarkers: The study points to the possibility that young extracellular vesicles can alter biomarkers associated with ageing, suggesting a potential for these vesicles to be used as a therapeutic strategy for extending healthy lifespan


The study’s findings are a significant step in longevity research, offering a glimpse into a future where ageing could be tackled at the cellular level. It raises the questions; how might vesicle therapy change the landscape of regenerative medicine? and what implications do altered ageing biomarkers have for the future of longevity?


Read the paper at: Grigorian Shamagian, L., Rogers, R.G., Luther, K. et al. Rejuvenating effects of young extracellular vesicles in aged rats and in cellular models of human senescence. Sci Rep 13, 12240 (2023).