Reversing age with platelet factors

Aug 17, 2023

Young blood plasma and platelet factors show promise in altering gene expression to boost immune function and nervous system health, potentially reversing cognitive decline associated with ageing.

August 2023 – Nature


Key takeaways


  • Gene expression modification: The administration of young blood plasma and platelet factors has been found to influence the expression of genes that are crucial for immune system regulation and the development of the nervous system. This suggests that such treatments can potentially recalibrate the body’s response to ageing at a molecular level
  • Inflammation and cognitive benefits: The research indicates that these young blood components can lead to a decrease in pro-inflammatory markers in the body. This is significant because chronic inflammation is a known contributor to the ageing process and age-related diseases. Moreover, there is a correlation between the reduction of inflammation and improvements in cognitive functions, hinting at a direct benefit to brain health
  • Rejuvenation of the immune system: The findings suggest that these treatments can rejuvenate the ageing immune system, restoring it to a more youthful state. This is particularly important as the immune system’s decline is a major factor in the ageing process, affecting the body’s ability to repair itself and fend off diseases


Read the article at: Schroer, A.B., Ventura, P.B., Sucharov, J. et al. Platelet factors attenuate inflammation and rescue cognition in ageing. Nature 620, 1071–1079 (2023).