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Revitalising aged hearts through metabolic intervention

Sep 29, 2023

Suppressing fatty acid oxidation rejuvenates the regenerative capacity of adult mouse hearts, suggesting a potential therapeutic avenue for human heart repair and longevity.

September 2023 – Nature


Key takeaways


  • Metabolic pathway inhibition: By blocking fatty acid oxidation, adult mouse hearts demonstrate the ability to regenerate, akin to the regenerative processes present in young animals
  • Youthful regeneration: The heart regeneration in adult mice induced by this method closely mirrors the natural, robust healing capabilities typically observed in the hearts of younger organisms
  • Reactivating heart repair: This strategy indicates that mature hearts may have a dormant capacity for self-repair, which can be reactivated through targeted metabolic intervention
  • Cellular rejuvenation: The technique suggests that ageing heart cells can be induced to revert to a more youthful, regenerative state, offering a potential reversal of age-related cardiac decline


Read the article at: Li, X., Wu, F., Günther, S. et al. Inhibition of fatty acid oxidation enables heart regeneration in adult mice. Nature 622, 619–626 (2023).