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Mark Payne

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Meet Mark

BHSc (Nat), GCert (Wellness), MEd (CPEP)

Mark has 30 years of experience as a clinical health professional and educator, and for the last decade has focused on naturopathic clinical practice and complementary medicine education.

Mark’s clinical expertise is multifaceted, with areas of interest in cardiometabolic health, digestive and immune disorders. Yet, it’s Mark’s fascination with the latest science on health optimisation, particularly through the lens of epigenetics, that truly sets him apart as a clinician. Mark is passionate about extending people’s healthspan and longevity, educating and inspiring people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, rather than just treating or preventing disease.

As an active researcher, Mark has published and presented his work on clinical education, and the health benefits of exposure to natural environments at several conferences, and was recognised in 2015 with the Bioceuticals Integrative Medicine Award for Lecturer/Researcher of the year, and again in 2021 with a Distinguished Service Award from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Mark is an Adjunct Fellow for the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, Faculty of Health at Southern Cross University where he teaches Clinical Science, and Cognition and the Healthy Brain.

“We no longer have to wait until we get sick before doing something about our health. We have devices and testing available that can empower every individual to be informed of what makes them a vital and thriving human being.”

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