Senescent cells: Targeting with CAR T therapy

Feb 12, 2024

Senolytic CAR T cells targeting senescent cells rejuvenate metabolic function in old mice, with a single dose offering long-lasting preventive effects against age-related metabolic dysfunction, highlighting a promising approach for improving healthspan.

January 2024 – Nature Aging


Key takeaways


  • Targeted elimination of senescent cells: Senolytic CAR T cells are designed to specifically identify and destroy senescent cells. These cells, known for their role in ageing and related metabolic dysfunctions, are effectively cleared from the body, highlighting a targeted strategy to counteract the cellular contributors to ageing
  • Long-term health improvements: Remarkably, the benefits of a single administration of these CAR T cells extend over time, demonstrating sustained improvements in the metabolic and physical health of aged mice. This finding underscores the potential of senolytic therapies to provide durable enhancements to healthspan, possibly reducing the need for frequent interventions
  • Safety and tolerance: The study’s findings that the senolytic CAR T cell therapy is well-tolerated, with no significant adverse effects reported, are crucial for considering its application in human ageing. The ability to safely reduce the burden of senescent cells opens the door to widespread use in ageing populations seeking to preserve health and vitality


By improving metabolic health and potentially reducing systemic inflammation associated with senescent cell accumulation, this therapy offers a promising avenue for not just treating but possibly preventing a range of age-related diseases. This proactive approach to maintaining healthspan could significantly impact how ageing is managed and perceived, offering hope for a healthier, more active later life.


Read the article at: Amor, C., Fernández-Maestre, I., Chowdhury, S. et al. Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction. Nat Aging (2024).