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Benefits of ergothioneine for longevity and healthy ageing in male mice

Apr 21, 2024

Ergothioneine, a dietary supplement, effectively increases lifespan and reduces age-related declines in physical and cognitive functions in male mice. Regular intake shows promise in promoting longevity and mitigating the effects of ageing.

March 2024 – GeroScience


Key takeaways


  • Extended lifespan: Ergothioneine has shown its remarkable ability to increase the lifespan of male mice significantly. This compound appears to act on several biological pathways associated with ageing, ultimately leading to an extension of the natural lifespan. This suggests ergothioneine could play a critical role in longevity research and potentially be useful as a supplement for enhancing life expectancy in humans

  • Reduced physical decline: Ergothioneine intake in mice has demonstrated a reduction in typical physical decline associated with ageing, such as decreased frailty and better maintenance of muscle function and overall physical condition. This suggests that ergothioneine could help maintain physical abilities longer into old age, offering a potential preventive strategy against common age-related physical degeneration

  • Cognitive function improvement: Beyond physical benefits, ergothioneine has shown promising effects in improving cognitive functions in aged mice, particularly in memory and learning. This cognitive enhancement implies that ergothioneine might support brain health in ageing populations, potentially countering the decline in mental capabilities often seen in older adults


By addressing multiple facets of the ageing process, ergothioneine holds potential as a comprehensive dietary supplement to combat age-related impairments.


Read the article at: Katsube, Makoto, et al. “Ergothioneine Promotes Longevity and Healthy Aging in Male Mice.” GeroScience, vol. 24, no. 5, 2024, pp. 1-20. SpringerLink, doi:10.1007/s11357-024-01111-5.